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Last Level Support

We offer Last Level Support services for a wide range of issues, regardless of whether your workload runs on-premises, in a private or a public takes care of your most critical and most complex support tickets like multi-vendor cases for heterogeneous environments, or cases where vendor support is not available.


Using in-depth debugging, tracing, and reverse engineering methods, we troubleshoot system and application instabilities like errors, hangs, and crashes.After the initial analysis, our engineers suggest specific short-term mitigations or workarounds and share details on how to automate and deploy them.Depending on the outcome of our root cause analyses we also assist all internal and external parties in the development and implementation of solid long-term solutions.

Performance & Efficiency

We use state-of-the-art profiling, tracing, and baselining techniques to identify bottlenecks. Our holistic approach covers application, middleware, and operating system layers as well as your whole infrastructure, not only endpoints. Energy efficiency for mobile and IoT devices is also in scope.Our reports list specific recommendations on how to change problematic configurations or designs, optimize inefficient code paths, or upgrade hardware components.

Functional Errors

Whether configuration errors, design gaps, or bugs, we track malfunctions and undesired product behaviors down to their source irrespective of their cause.We often start with an interview, followed by an initial log collection. Based on this data an individual action plan is compiled.Many years of experience allow our support specialists to always pick the most promising and most efficient troubleshooting approach, starting with verbose logging all the way down to live kernel-mode debugging.


Application or device driver incompatibilities can become a huge risk for your environment, especially if they cause major delays in the deployment of important updates or new hardware.Therefore, our experts are trained to quickly diagnose and resolve these problems in close collaboration with the responsible vendors and developers.If no vendor support is available, we use tools like virtualization, shimming, or hot-patching to quickly circumvent blocking compatibility issues.

Cyber Security offers various proactive services to improve your incident prevention efforts, and is also prepared to reactively support your team during extremely critical times.

Endpoint Security

We help you evaluate, implement, and operate modern cloud-based and on-premises security solutions to protect your endpoints as well as your company's most valued digital assets.Our portfolio also includes highly scoped training exercises and penetration tests.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics

We support all phases of your cyber security incident response life cycle: Starting with process optimizations, all the way down to the actual containment, eradication, recovery and reporting activities.

1. Preparation1. Preparation
2. Detection and Analysis2. Identification
3. Containment, Eradication, and Recovery3. Containment
-4. Eradication
-5. Recovery
4. Post-Incident Activity6. Lessons Learned

If you need qualified advice on how to react to actual threads or attacks, our security engineers are available for online support as well as short-term deployments across Europe.

Consulting Services offers professional guidance on support and cyber security topics.

Project Support

Our highly specialized consultants can be engaged when expert knowledge is required to unblock a project. For example, reverse engineering skills being used to compensate for missing vendor documentation, or developer skills being used to overcome product limitations.We also review concepts for potential compatibility, supportability, and security risks and suggest appropriate testing and remediation activities to ensure a smooth and secure implementation phase.

Operational Excellence

We offer security reviews and health checks for a wide range of on-premises and cloud workloads.Our consultants help you design and run tailored power and performance monitoring solutions.We also optimize and automate repetitive maintenance processes.

Knowledge Transfer

We love to share our knowledge, regardless of the format, for example via chalk talks or custom workshops.In addition, our innovative subscription-based training for support engineers provides a continuous learning experience. Further details about this program are available on request.


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